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Net Impact Announces its new product E@SY and its Entry
to the Marketplace

Atlanta, Ga., November 12 - At the Field and Sales Automation Conference, Net Impact Systems, Inc. today announced its new Enterprise @nswer SYstem (E@SY(tm)), a quick reference and coaching system that helps sales people make more effective sales calls. (3)E@SY (patent pending) is the only "just-in-time" learning system for sales and marketing that also functions as a smart front-end to corporate Intranets and Marketing Encyclopedia Systems. With this announcement, Net Impact enters the marketplace as the first software company focused solely on delivering network-centric knowledge management solutions for sales and marketing organizations.

(1)E@SY is a unique blend of client/server and Web technologies that lets companies build a concise database of the best sales answers, the best sales practices, and the best sales advice available in the enterprise. E@SY is unique because it allows sales people, regardless of their location, to browse through short sound bite answers the way they think, not in the order the answers were written. The system takes less than five minutes for sales people to learn and is simple to deploy on a global basis. E@SY, which employs a customer-centric knowledge architecture, was developed to increase the effectiveness of sales and support teams, to improve the performance of marketing teams, and to create a valuable knowledge asset for the organization - all of which have a positive impact on a company's bottom line.

(5)"Sales & Marketing run on information and that effective knowledge transfer


  Net Impact Systems Develops E@SY/Page2

between these organizations is necessary for survival in today's competitive business climate," said Bob Schmonsees, President and CEO, Net Impact Systems. "We formed the company and developed E@SY because current content publishing technologies, like HTML and Lotus Notes, are designed for documents and other large blocks of information - not as a means for quick reference and delivering rapid fire knowledge that can be immediately understood and retained by the user."

(4)Peter Berkel, Vice President of Worldwide Marketing for PivotPoint, Inc., and an early test site for E@SY says, "The process of providing field personnel with a competitive advantage through a timely and value-added intelligence has become a daunting task. The challenges faced by most sales forces raises the bar on the types of solutions and tools required." Berkel adds, "E@SY will help us hurdle that bar with a system that will increase the competitiveness of our direct and indirect sales organizations."

What Makes E@SY Unique?

E@SY utilizes a new Knowledge Management approach pioneered by Net Impact called Knowledge Configuration which is a more effective way to manage small sound bites of knowledge, like answers to questions, as objects. Knowledge Configuration is a natural extension of the Question & Answer (Q&A) model used in print and in Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Internet home pages.

Unlike traditional Q&As and FAQs, which are limited to sequential lists on a single subject and often require more time for reviewing content, Knowledge Configuration employs an object-oriented approach that enables the concise answers to one question to be quickly and logically linked to other questions in a network like structure. This knowledge network, which could contain thousands of questions on a variety of subjects, rapidly delivers the appropriate answer to a user's question along with links to most likely next questions and other related information.

Knowledge Configuration enables sales people to navigate E@SY's knowledge base in a logical fashion that mirrors the way they think, not necessarily in the way the information was written. For example, when a sales person is using E@SY to find answers about a specific


  Net Impact Systems Develops E@SY/Page3

product feature, they also receive navigational links to competitive positioning, and answers to other specific customer needs. In addition, E@SY provides suggestions on how the sales person can move the sale forward. With E@SY, users are able to browse through knowledge at their own pace in the order that is most natural for them.

Pricing, Availability and Pilot Testing

(6)E@SY has three required modules which support Microsoft Windows, Windows 95 and Windows NT environments running ODBC compliant databases. The modules include the Knowledge Author available for $995, the Knowledge Browser available for $495, and the E@SY Server component available for $4995. A typical E@SY installation for a sales and marketing team with 100 employees would cost approximately $50,000. Volume discounts are available. (7)E@SY will enter Beta in the first quarter of 1997 and will be generally available through Net Impact Systems and its channel partners by early summer.

Net Impact offers a pilot program to test E@SY for a fixed fee of $4995 with a money back satisfaction guarantee. The pilot program is highly structured and includes a two day implementation class at Net Impact's Training Center. For more information about pilot testing E@SY, please call (703) 534-8900. For additional product information, visit our Web site or call (703) 534-8900.

Net Impact Systems, Inc., based in Falls Church, Va., develops high performance knowledge management solutions for corporate intranets and mobile sales organizations. Net Impact's flagship product, The Enterprise Answer SYstem (E@SY), is a quick reference and coaching system that helps sales people make more effective sales calls.


(9)Knowledge Configuration is a patent pending technology developed by Net Impact Systems, Inc. E@SY, Knowledge Author, and Knowledge Browser are trademarks of Net Impact Systems. All company and product names mentioned herein are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.

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