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By: Krista Mohr-Milne
President, MarketInk

So you have company or product news that you'd like to see written up in your target market trade publications or journals-the publications that significantly reach your customers or potential customers. How can you reach these editors with your news when they are consistently bombarded by press releases? And how can you deliver the right information to the press to help ensure your news is covered?

Here are 10 key elements of an effective press release with tips to help you get your release positively covered. Each of the 10 elements below links to an explanation, which in turn contain links to examples in a sample press release and to other resources that can help you build an effective release strategy.

  1. Only issue press releases that are newsworthy.
  2. Define Target Press List .
  3. Capture the reader's attention with the headline.
  4. Include your product's positioning, key features, and benefits to end users.
  5. Include a customer and, or analyst quote if possible.
  6. Include a quote from the president of your company or other appropriate spokesperson.
  7. Include pricing and availability information.
  8. Include contact information for press to receive additional information.
  9. Remember press release formatting rules.
  10. So you've written the release, now what do you do with it?

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