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Sample Term Sheet

September 26, 2000


Summary of Terms for Proposed Private

Placement of Series X Preferred Stock


I. Issuer:  Newco Inc.

(Hereinafter referred to as the "Company").

II. Investor: Venture Capital Partners, LLC or its affiliates ("VC") and other investors acceptable to the Company and VC (collectively the "Investors")

III. Security: Series X Preferred Stock ("Preferred")

IV. Amount of Investment: $[           ]

V. Valuation: Pre money valuation is $[           ]

VI. Post-Investment

The company would be capitalized such that post investment ownership at closing would be as follows:

VC [                ]%
Founders, Management & Other [              ]%
Option Pool [              ]%

VII. Closing Date:

Closing for the investment would be on or before _________________, provided that all requirements for the closing have been met or expressly waived in writing by the Investors.

VIII. Board Representation:

The Board of Directors will include a total of five (5) people. Holders of Series X Convertible Preferred Stock are entitled to two (2) representatives on the Company's Board of Directors. Common Shareholders will have three (3) designees to the board, one of which must be the CEO of the Company. Board of Directors meetings would be scheduled on a monthly basis until such time as the Board of Directors votes to schedule them less frequently.

VC’s representative would be appointed to all Board Committees (including the compensation committee), each of which would consist of three (3) members. The Company would reimburse each Director's reasonable expenses incurred in attending the board meetings or any other activities (e.g., meetings, trade shows) which are required and/or requested and that involve expenses.

IX. Proprietary Information and

Inventions Agreement:

Each officer, director, and employee of the Company shall have entered into a proprietary information and inventions agreement in a form reasonably acceptable to the Company and the Investors. Each Founder and other key technical employee shall have executed an assignment of inventions acceptable to the Company and Investors.


X. Dividends:

An [  ]% annual dividend would accrue as of the closing date to holders of the Series X Convertible Preferred. Accrued dividends would be payable (a) if, as and when determined by the Company's Board of Directors, (b) upon the liquidation or winding up of the company, or (c) upon redemption of the Series X Preferred. Upon an automatic conversion, accrued but unpaid dividends would be forfeited. No dividends may be declared and/or paid on the Common Stock until all dividends have been paid in full on the Convertible Preferred Stock. The Convertible Preferred Stock would also participate pari passu in any dividends declared on Common Stock. Dividends will cease to accrue in the event that the Investor converts its holdings to Common Stock.

XI. Liquidation Preference:

In the event of any liquidation or winding up of the Company, the Series X Preferred will be entitled to receive in preference to the holders of Common Stock an amount per share equal to their Original Purchase Price plus all accrued but unpaid dividends (if any).

The Series X Preferred will be participating so that after payments of the Original Purchase Price and all accrued dividends to the Preferred, the remaining assets shall be distributed pro-rata to all shareholders on a common equivalent basis.

A merger, acquisition or sale of substantially all of the assets of the Company in which the shareholders of the Company do not own a majority of the outstanding shares of the surviving corporation shall be deemed a liquidation of the Company.

XII. Conversion:

The Preferred will have the right to convert Preferred shares at the option of the holder, at any time, into shares of Common Stock at an initial conversion rate of 1-to-1. The conversion rate shall be subject from time to time to anti-dilution adjustments as described below.

XIII. Automatic Conversion:

The Series X Preferred would be automatically converted into Common Stock, at the then applicable conversion price, upon the sale of the Company's Common Stock in an initial public offering ("Public Offering") at a price equal to or exceeding [ ] times the Series X Preferred original purchase price in an offering which, after deduction for underwriter commissions and expenses related to the gross proceeds, is not less than [ ].

XIV. Antidilution Provisions:

Proportional anti-dilution protection for stock splits, stock dividends, combinations, re-capitalization, etc. The conversion price of the Preferred shall be subject to adjustment to prevent dilution, on a "weighted average" basis, in the event that the Company issues additional shares of Common or Common equivalents (other than reserved employee shares) at a purchase price less than the applicable conversion price.

XV. Voting Rights:

The Preferred will have a right to that number of votes equal to the number of shares of Common Stock issuable upon conversion of the Preferred.

XVI. Restrictions and Limitations:

Consent of the Series X Preferred, voting as a separate class would be required for any actions which:

i) alter or change the rights, preferences or privileges of the Series X Preferred;

ii) increase the authorized number of shares of Series X Preferred;

iii) increase the authorized number of shares of any other class of Preferred Stock;

iv) create any new class or series of stock, which has preference over or is on parity with the Series X Preferred;

v) involve a merger, consolidation, reorganization, encumbrance, or sale of all or substantially all of the assets or sale or of more than 50% of the Company's stock;

vi) involve a repurchase or other acquisition of shares of the Company's stock other than pursuant to redemption provisions described below under "Redemption"; or

  1. amend the Company's charter or bylaws.

XVII. Redemption:

After five (5) years and at the request of the holders of the Series X Preferred, all or part of the Series X Preferred shares may be redeemed at 110% of the Series X purchase price plus all accrued but unpaid dividends.

XVIII. Conditions precedent to

Investor’s obligation to invest:

(i) Legal documentation satisfactory to the Investor and Investor’s counsel.

(ii) Satisfactory completion of due diligence.

(iii) If not already in place, the Company would obtain employment agreements with key employees, which would include satisfactory (to Investor) non-compete and non-disclosure language.

XIX. Registration Rights:

  1. If, at any time after the Issuer’s initial public offering (but not within 6 months of the effective date of a registration), Investors holding at least 51% of the Common issued or issuable upon conversion of the Preferred request that the Issuer file a Registration Statement covering at least 20% of the Common issued or issuable upon conversion of the Preferred (or any lesser percentage if the anticipated aggregate offering price would exceed $[ ]), the Issuer will be obligated to cause such share to be registered. The Issuer will not be obligated to effect more than two registrations (other than on Form S-3 under these demand right provisions.
  2. Company Registration: The Preferred shall be entitled to "piggy-back" registration rights on registrations of the Company or on demand registrations of any later round investor subject to the right, however, of the Company and its underwriters to reduce the number of shares proposed to be registered pro rata in view of market conditions. No shareholder of the Company shall be granted piggyback registration rights superior to those of the Series X Preferred without the consent of the holders of at least 50% of the Series X (or Common Stock issued upon conversion of the Series X Preferred or a combination of such Common Stock and Preferred).
  3. S-3 Rights: Preferred shall be entitled to an unlimited number of demand registrations on Form S-3 (if available to the Company) so long as such registration offerings are in excess of $500,000, provided, however, that the Company shall only be required to file two Form S-3 Registration Statements on demand of the Preferred every 12 months.
  4. Expenses: The Company shall bear registration expenses (exclusive of underwriting discounts and commissions and special counsel of the selling shareholders) of all demands, piggybacks, and S-3 registrations. The expenses in excess of $15,000 of any special audit required in connection with a demand registration shall be borne pro rata by the selling shareholders.
  5. Transfer of Rights: The registration rights may be transferred provided that the Company is given written notice thereof and provided that the transfer (a) is in connection with a transfer of at least 20% of the securities of the transferor, (b) involves a transfer of at least 100,000 shares, or (c) is to constituent partners of shareholders who agree to act through a single representative.
  6. Other Provisions: Other provisions shall be contained in the Investor Rights Agreement with respect to registration rights as are reasonable, including cross-indemnification, the period of time in which the Registration Statement shall be kept effective, standard standoff provisions, underwriting arrangements and the ability of the Company to delay demand registrations for up to 90 days (S-3 Registrations for up to 60 days).

XX. Right of First Offer:

The Preferred shall have the right in the event the Company proposes an equity offering of any amount to any person or entity (other than for a strategic corporate partner, employee stock grant, equipment financing, acquisition of another company, shares offered to the public pursuant to an underwritten public offering, or other conventional exclusion) to purchase up to [   ]% of such shares.

The Company has an obligation to notify the Preferred of any proposed equity offering of any amount.

If the Preferred does not respond within 15 days of being notified of such an offering, or decline to purchase all of such securities, then that portion which is not purchased may be offered to other parties on terms no less favorable to the Company for a period of 120 days. Such right of first offer will terminate upon an underwritten public offering of shares of the Company.

In addition, the Company will grant the Preferred any rights of first refusal or registration rights granted to subsequent purchasers of the Company’s equity securities to the extent that such subsequent rights are superior, in good faith judgment of the Board, to those granted in connection with this transaction.

XXI. Right of Co-Sale:

The Company, the Preferred and the Founders will enter into a co-sale agreement pursuant to which any Founder who proposes to sell all or a portion of his shares to a third party, will offer the Preferred the right to participate in such sale on a pro rate basis or to exercise a right of first refusal on the same basis (subject to customary exclusions for up to 15% of the stock, gifts, pledges, etc.). The agreement will terminate on the earlier of an IPO or fifteen (15) years from the close of this financing.

XXII. Use of Proceeds:

The proceeds from the sale of the Preferred will be used solely general corporate purposes.

XXIII. Reporting Covenants:

The Company would furnish to the Investor the following:

(i) Monthly reports. Within 20 days following the end of each month, an income statement, cash flow and balance sheet for the prior monthly period. Statements would include year-to-date figures compared to budgets, with variances delineated.

(ii) Annual Financial Statements. Within 90 days following the end of the fiscal year, an unqualified audit, together with a copy of the auditor's letter to management, from a Big Five accounting firm or equivalent, which firm would be approved by the Investor.

(iii) Audit. In the event the Company fails to provide monthly reports and/or financial statements in accordance with the foregoing, Investor would have the authority, at the Company's expense, to request an audit by an accounting firm of its choice, such that statements are produced to the satisfaction of the Investor.

(iv) Annual Budget. At least 30 days before the end of each fiscal year, a budget, including projected income statement, cash flow and balance sheet, on a monthly basis for the ensuing fiscal year, together with underlying assumptions and a brief qualitative description of the company's plan by the Chief Executive Officer in support of that budget.

(v) Non-compliance. Within 10 days after the discovery of any default in the terms of the stock purchase agreement, or of any other material adverse event, a statement outlining such default or event, and management's proposed response.

XXIV. Purchase Agreement

The purchase of the Company's Series X Preferred Stock would be made pursuant to a Series X Convertible Preferred Stock Purchase Agreement drafted by counsel to the Investor, which would be mutually agreeable to the Company, and the Investor. This agreement would contain, among other things, appropriate representations and warranties of the Company, covenants of the Company reflecting the provisions set forth herein and other typical covenants, and appropriate conditions of closing, including among other things, qualification of the shares under applicable Blue Sky laws, the filing of a certificate of amendment to the Company's charter to authorize the Series X Preferred, and an opinion of counsel. Until the Purchase Agreement is signed, there would not exist any binding obligation on the part of either party to consummate the transaction. This Summary of Terms does not constitute a contractual commitment of the Company or the Investor or an obligation of either party to negotiate with the other.

XXV. Other:

The Company would pay legal expenses incurred by the Investor at closing from the proceeds of the investment. The investor would make all reasonable efforts to see that this expense does not exceed $30,000. Once this term sheet is signed, the Company would accept responsibility for legal fees incurred by the Investor if the transaction does not close up to the amount set forth above.

XXVI. Exclusivity:

(i) Upon the acceptance hereof, the Company, its officers and shareholders agree not to discuss the sale of assets or any equity or equity type securities, provide any information to or close any such transaction with any other investor or prospective investor, except to named entities mutually acceptable to Management and Investor.

(ii) The undersigned agree to proceed in good faith to execute and deliver definitive agreements incorporating the terms outlined above and such additional terms as are customary for transactions of the type described herein. This letter expresses the intent of the parties and is not legally binding on any of them unless and until such mutually satisfactory definitive agreements are executed and delivered by the undersigned. This letter of intent may be signed by the parties in counterparts.

If this Summary of Terms is not signed and returned to VC by midnight (EST) [ ], it shall expire without any further action on the part of VC and shall be of no further force or effect.


Date ___________ 

By: _________________________________________

Terms agreed to and accepted by:


Date _______________


Source: Lighthouse Consulting

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