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Partner with Power




"Big Tips on Strategic Partnering"
Mario Morino at a Netpreneur Coffee & DoughNets event
Pitfalls to avoid and opportunities to seize in strategic partnerships.

"Ensuring One's Competitive Future"
by Don Laurie in Corporate Venturing Report
Focus more on long term growth instead of short term cost reductions.

"Corporate Venturing in the New Millennium"
by Charles O. Heller in SMITHbusiness ONLINE
How entrepreneurship is benefiting corporate America

"Dispelling the myths of alliances"
by Charles Kalmbach Jr. and Charles Roussel in Accenture Outlook Online
Avoiding poorly planned and executed alliances

"Corporate Venturing: Gold Mining or Fool's Gold"
Aaron Cooper, et al, from Kellog TechVenture 2001 Anthology
Introduction to corporate venture capital

"Value of Corporate Backers Rising as Start-ups Face Uncertain Times"
by David G. Barry in The Corporate Venturing Report
Corporate investors can buy firms they invest in, VCs can't.

"Strategy must lie at the heart of alliances"
by Benjamin Gomes-Casseres, featured in Financial Times
Focus on the alliance as a means to a broader goal.

FAQs on Corporate Ventures and Leadership
from Don Laurie

Top Corporate Venture Capital Investors of 2000
Identifies the companies and how much they invested

Test your corporate venturing I.Q.
Online corporate venturing test

Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals
Group providing professional and educational support for alliance executives and managers

Global community of researchers and practitioners addressing alliances, networks and strategic innovation
Resources and reading on alliance strategy and management. community forum
Moderated discussion list dealing with the full range of business partnerships.



Venture Catalyst: The Five Strategies for Explosive Corporate Growth
by Donald L. Laurie
Corporate partnering and other strategies that foster a steady flow of new products to fuel continuous growth.

The Strategic Partnering Handbook
A practitioner's guide to alliances
by Tony Lendrum

Digital Deals: Strategies for Selecting and Structuring Partnerships
by George T. Geis and George S. Geis
Guidelines and case studies for structuring partnership deals in the New Economy

The Corporate Venturing Report
Monthly news and information on where, how and why corporations are financing private companies

Corporate Venturing Directory and Yearbook
Investment plans of corporation participating in venture-backed deals

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All discussion and distribution lists are inactive. Some archives are available.

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