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List Guidelines

  • To post a message to Talk the Talk, address an email to . Only subscribers who have been approved for membership can post to the group, and membership is limited to founders and executives of startup technology companies.

  • Please be practical. Posts should center around important business issues
    (business models, strategy, the economy, funding and finance trends, operational issues, and other strategic business questions) you need assistance with as you grow your company, add partners, and build out your team.

  • Please do not post: event announcements, speaking opportunities, academic courses, unsolicited advertising, promotional materials and other forms of solicitation, jobs, items for sale, and real estate opportunities. 

  • Please make sure to include an electronic sig (your name, company name, email address and company URL) on all posts. We want people to be able to find you, and it helps you spread the word about your company.

  • Please do not distribute any copyrighted content on the list without the permission of the copyright owner. When you want to discuss an article or news and pose questions to generate a discussion, just include a summary and link to the article. 

  • If you want to respond to an individual and don't feel your comments are relevant to the whole group, then respond privately to that individual's email address and not the list address. If you have a post for which you prefer participants respond individually to you, then please note that in your message to the group.

  • Please do not interpret any feedback you receive as legal advice. Please seek counsel from an experienced attorney on all matters that may require a legal opinion. Please take care not to post proprietary information as well.