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talk the talk
As challenging as it is to start a business, you're not alone in meeting the hurdles to startup success.

Netpreneur's Talk-the-Talk email list is a place to meet colleagues and discuss the common (and unique) challenges that early-stage tech companies face. Chances are that more than a few community members have met the same obstacles you're facing, and can often insights, recommendations or advice. Not only do answers come now, when you need them, they come from people who have been there, in the trenches.

Talk-the-Talk is only for founders and CXOs of startup tech firms, and you must be approved to join the group. It is an unmoderated, email-based list, with light traffic delivered in individual post or digest mode.

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to discuss entrepreneurial opportunities, get advice on strategic or tactical challenges, explore opinions on the future of markets or technologies, find recommendations for solutions, or anything else that 600+ of your closest entrepreneurial friends can provide. Ocasionally, Talk-the-Talk even hosts special guest expert appearances where members can pose questions to leaders in their respective fields. 


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