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updates on the future of netpreneur:

updates on services during the transition & sunset

On October 22, 2002, it was announced that Netpreneur would sunset at the end of that year.

>> read the original sunset announcement

>> read Mario's explanation for the decision

Following that announcement, hundreds of  people volunteered to keep Netpreneur's programs going. As a result, the Morino Institute decided to continue hosting the Netpreneur site while finding new homes for its services.

>> read about the decision

For more than five years, Netpreneur has been a central meeting spot helping entrepreneurs in the Greater Washington region connect, learn, and grow their businesses.

>> more about Netpreneur 

>> press quotes


Although Netpreneur will definitely sunset in the near future, the network will live on.  Here are updates to our progress since the December announcement as we continue to transition to a community-driven network. 

>> 1/6/03: Discussions continue with the Northern Virginia Technology Council, the Washington DC Technology Council; the High Tech Council of Maryland; the Greater Baltimore Technology Council, and Virginia’s Center for Innovative Technology to continue hosting Coffee & DoughNets events throughout the region. A pilot program calls for events in February, March and April.

>> 1/1/03: Netpreneur Calendar will continue in 2003, thanks to staff members of Reston-based DevElements have volunteered up to administer the online Calendar and assist in producing the weekly email broadcast. 

>> 12/20/02: An advisory group including Raj Khera, Anne Holland, Dale Gardner, Andy Brock, Sharon Tucci, and Mark Brownlow will run the AdMarketing list. Discussions continue as to how it will be moderated and capturing content for the website.

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All discussion and distribution lists are inactive. Some archives are available.

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